Long ago, I deleted Safari from my iPhone, but since I started using my iPad, I have switched back to Apple’s venerable browser. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to re-download Safari to my iPhone other than doing a Factory Reset. But even when I restored from my backup, it deleted Safari again (wasn’t too surprised—that is what a backup is supposed to do). So, I did something that’s probably good to periodically do anyway, and reinstalled all my apps.

In the process, I picked a new background and then realized it was really nice to see the background when my phone was unlocked, so I put all the apps in a couple of folders in the dock and kept the home screen completely empty.

This makes everything accessible with my thumb which is super convenient, and encourages me to use Siri more. It also lets me enjoy the Live Wallpaper which I find really beautiful. I liked it so much, I did the same thing to my iPad!


About Will Puckett

A 20 year veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area, Will Puckett is an author, artist, and guide. He enjoys styling CSS, and helping friends move furniture. When not parked in front of his iPad, he rescues, restores and rides bikes. Will has been lucky enough to take long rides on both coasts of the United States, and encourages people to explore the world by bike. He tries to lay in his hammock as much as possible reading and planning his future container home, but does enjoy periodically escaping to skate. And of course ice cream.