Brief History

Code A panoptic history of the past roughly 200 years in communications, Charles Petzold’s Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software tells the story of man’s need to transmit information through the ages. Petzold beautifully relates Semaphore, Telegraph, and TTY to our modern lives, helping us realize that the thing that’s changed most isn’t how we communicate, but merely the speed of the signals.


About Will Puckett

A 20 year veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area, Will Puckett is an author, artist, and guide. He enjoys styling CSS, and helping friends move furniture. When not parked in front of his iPad, he rescues, restores and rides bikes. Will has been lucky enough to take long rides on both coasts of the United States, and encourages people to explore the world by bike. He tries to lay in his hammock as much as possible reading and planning his future container home, but does enjoy periodically escaping to skate. And of course ice cream.