As Good as It Git[s]

As Good as It Git[s]

My blogging workflow centers around MWeb and a good git client. I was using Code Hub for a little while, but ended up switching to Working Copy.

Code Hub does a commit after every source edit, and that’s just annoying. Working Copy allows you to make multiple edits and then swipe the repository to do a commit of multiple files (you can select which of the altered files to commit in the commit dialog). Working Copy integrates with Apple Files as a source. This makes it much easier to upload images via drag and drop from the Photos app. It means any app that connects with the Files app (MWeb) can work directly with your git repo. Ah! So much easier.

Working Copy integrates with the Files App.

Working Copy has a very decent built in text editor. I use it for short edits/corrections to files, especially files outside of my _posts directory. It can search not only file names but also file contents for text strings, which makes it easy to track down content that needs to be altered in multiple contexts. It even has a color picker built in which comes in super handy when adjusting css files. It’s also nice to be able to see diffs with the current file and alterations made by previous commits.

Working Copy works with several code repositories, and LFS and signed commits are built in. It makes version control not only easy, but out right pleasurable.


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