Although Jupyter Notebooks can easily be accessed in a web browser, the process on the iPad gets a little more enjoyable in Alex Staravoitau’s beautiful app, Juno.

You won’t be able to run a notebook server on your iPad, but Juno functions as a front end to access a server you host either at home or in the cloud. It’s also very easy to get connected to a CoCalc account, or, with the latest release, a Binder instance.

Juno is like a shallow step into a vast ocean…

Juno is like a shallow step into a vast ocean, bringing massive computational functions to the ease and lightness of iOS. It has great keyboard support, shows code completion, and does really well with iOS multitasking, which makes it a breeze to open up a book or web tutorial side-by-side with your notebook for learning and experimenting. There’s no better jumping off point.


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