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Scanner Pro Last week, I had to assemble a flight manifest for a large group of people in a very short period of time. I was piecing the thing together from several forwarded emails that did not have selectable text in them (the original text had been rasterized into a PDF). I needed OCR for my iPad, so I could get the data out without having to retype several hundred 13 digit ticket numbers.

Helloooo Scanner Pro! I already had Readdle’s PDF Expert which was effective for reorganizing and combining a couple of soils tests results I had worked on a few months prior. Scanner Pro does an awesome job both capturing and aligning scans and photos. The automatic edge detection works well, and the auto shutter is a nice way to make capturing feel as painless as possible.

Although I wasn’t able to import the rasterized PDFs directly into Scanner Pro, I was able to screen shot them and then import the screen shots. The OCR worked flawlessly. Being able to see the recognized text on top of the image for a quick proof is indispensable.

It’s also worth noting that changes made by moving scans in the Scanner Pro iCloud folder in the Files app are not reflected in the Scanner Pro app. If you want to organize your scans into folders, you need to do it with the move button in the Scanner Pro app. Changes made in that fashion are reflected in the Files app.

I liked Scanner Pro so much, I imported most of my filing system so I could move the paper copies to very deep storage. It is now at the forefront of my accounting, expense reporting, and note taking systems. It’s set to automatically OCR all incoming documents, so searching through my entire filing system is easier than ever, without being locked into the recurring pricing model of Neat Receipts, and without having to purchase and carry additional hardware.

If Scanner Pro’s OCR isn’t measuring up (worked great for me, but apparently struggles with radical signs/complex math/etc), you might want to try FineScanner PRO - PDF Scanner by ABBYY, or, for books, Book Scanner Pro by ABBYY. Their products are much loved, as they should be considering their hefty $60 price tag.


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