Café Work

Café Work

Having given so much attention to getting my Mac Mini running well in the closet, I realized I’d like to have periodic access to it while out of the house.

I first sought MacOS Server, but, as of version 5.7.1, VPN has been removed from MacOS Server (which has interestingly been pared down to only three services: Profile Manager, Open Directory, and Xsan).

The Apple Support site suggests trying OpenVPN, SoftEtherVPN, or WireGuard. I couldn’t find an easy configuration for OpenVPN, and didn’t have success with WireGuard as a server either. I wanted something easy. I gave Macserve iVPN a shot. It worked, but for some reason I wasn’t happy with it either and deleted it.

I found the by far easiest option to be VPN Enabler. Most of the setup time it required was the download, which cannot be done via home brew as it is out of date. Straight outta the 📦, all you have to do is open a couple of ports for it and you’re off to the races. This is the one. Now I can access my over priced DVD ripper from anywhere.

UPDATE: VPN Enabler hadn’t updated for Catalina (although at this point they have released an unsupported Catalina version), so I stopped using my VPN altogether and route everything through SSH tunnels. I’m happier and it’s more secure, and I don’t have to turn it on every time I want to use it which is so 1994.


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