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Exploring the Engram Keyboard Layout


Exploring layouts for my new keyboard and decided to give the Engram Layout by Arno Klein a go.

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Typelording with Fauna and Fresh


A few weeks ago, I started playing with using Fauna along with the Fresh framework. The purportedly global nature of Fauna seems to be a natural paring with Deno deploy. I'm not a database person, and I want someone to do it for me, which Fauna kind of does well.

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I've been having a great time with Deno deploy lately. Here's a little code highlighter I made yesterday.

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Buttons, Buttons, Who's Got the Buttons?


When I was a teenager, I thought it would be really retro to have one of the alarm clocks like the emoji: ⏰. It had the two bells, and an oscillating hammer that would strike them with a fervor appropriate to impending nuclear doom. As my life moved forward, I soon realized that (incessant ticking aside), even if annihilation were imminent, why would I want to spend my final moments under such assault?

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Extraneous Dongles


There are so many things to complain about in this world, I feel guilty addressing the difficulty I have charging all my devices, but it really had turned into a complicated mess this summer. Particularly problematic was my skateboard, which I love to travel with but often have to bring along a huge transformer.

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Liquid Wood


A couple of months ago, a Chiron fell into my lap. Not a centaur, but an Anycubic Chiron 3D printer. I put down JavaScript for a while and began what I imagined would be a short dig into the world of 3D on iOS.

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Cheating with Vim


Last week, I decided to have an affair with the text editor of my youth: Vim. No matter how thoroughly I work to assimilate a command's syntax, I always have to refresh after some time away.

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Responsive Bots


Poking around the web, I happened upon this super fun concept for making easy bots that respond to tidbits of web information. I'm always looking for ways to keep goal progress tangible and fun. Awesome concept from a great blog!

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Collaborative Book Authoring


When I used to use Atom, there was a great collaborative writing tool called Teletype. It allowed multiple people to be editing the same files at the same time. I've been working on a book lately and wanted to get another one in progress with a group of authors, so I tried to find something that would duplicate Teletype's functionality iThonically.

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Tracking Changes with Visualping.io


A couple of months ago, I got really fixated on getting a contact mic by Michael Krzyzaniak. He makes a batch every so often, so I set a reminder to periodically check his website so I could try and catch one while he had them in stock.

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Waking Up with Apple Shortcuts


I'm not really an auditory alarm kind of guy. I'll use them on the road when I have to, but I've realized I'm much more responsive to light in the mornings than sound. I have a bunch of Hue lights in my bedroom. I prefer to have Hue manage turning on the lights in the morning because it does such a good job ramping the intensity change, but I wanted to augment that with one of my ambient forest apps from my AppleTV.

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Creating a PDF Handler for Apple Notes

iOS 13 has yielded many beautiful and welcomed additions to life on the iPad. One of my favorite has been the ability to take screenshots of a full page. This can be fantastic for logging things on websites that may change or be inconsistent at a later date (for posterity's sake), and when I put the whole thing in Notes, it becomes searchable.

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Video Bookmarklets


I was having some difficulty the other day binge watching videos in the youtube app. Some apps don't expose the WebKit buttons for full screen and picture-in-a-picture video. If you've grown accustomed to this like I have and need to have it all the time, use this link to make a couple of bookmarklets in Safari that will help out.

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Not exactly iOS related, but just used this for a client and it's worth a mention.

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Viewing Source in Safari


Even though Safari on iOS doesn't have a "View Source" button, you can use this link to setup a bookmark that will show a page's source.

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Regular Expression Review


This is an awesome RegEx review. Being sharp with RegEx's is ultra.

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Although Jupyter Notebooks can easily be accessed in a web browser, the process on the iPad gets a little more enjoyable in Alex Staravoitau's beautiful app, Juno.

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Computational Notebooks with Jupyter


To program. It can mean many things to many people. In the 1980's, industrious young programmers focused on things like setting the VCR clock, or, more ambitiously, having it record a pre-determined channel at a pre-determined time. Genetics program biology. There are large code repositories that define the functions we collectively refer to as our operation systems.

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MWeb: Markdown Editor


Coming from desktop, I thought I would never find a really functional Markdown editor in iOS (if you're unfamiliar with Markdown, try this link). I had tried a litany of editors on iOS in the past, and had never found one that I was really comfortable with. Nothing compared to Atom and its endless extensibility for me. I was even more off put by how many editors charged subscription fees to use instead of a flat app fee (_come on Ulysses and Bear!_).

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Man Cave: Modified


Getting warm in San Francisco is almost always a challenge, and even a high rent doesn't guarantee your apartment will include adequate heat. Buildings are old, uninsulated, and drafty—the triple threat for those who like to be able to comfortably walk about their apartment in our overly-valued draconian conditions—if they even have heat.

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